Ermes Group

The Shacolas Group

The Ermes Group is a member of The Shacolas Group, the leading and most diversified private Group in Cyprus with an annual turnover of €1 Billion. The Shacolas Group is also one of the largest employers in Cyprus. The Shacolas Group stands out in terms of its size and diversification as it branches out in the fields of operation of:

Ermes Department Stores Plc
Superhome Centre (DIY) Ltd
Zako Ltd
Fashionlink S.A.

Distribution & Logistics:
Argosy Trading Company Ltd
Cassandra Trading Ltd
Artview Co. Ltd
HOB House of Beauty Ltd

CTC Automotive Ltd

Real Estate & Commercial Development:
Woolworth (Cyprus) Properties Plc
Cyprus Limni Resort & Golfcourses Plc

The Shacolas Group’s Vision for the future is to maintain market leadership in Cyprus and through new strategic alliances & associations create the right framework for continuous profitable growth without compromising our social responsibility.

Ermes Group

Ermes Group is largest and most diversified retailer in Cyprus. Within the Ermes Group retail profile are stores in Cyprus & Greece:
6   ERA Department stores (Fashion, Cosmetics, Home & seasonal, Food, Venue Cafe)
18 Stand alone stores (6 NEXT, 2 OVS, 2 Peacocks, 1 Navy & Green, 2 Armani Exchange,1 Glow, 1 Ergon To Go, 2 Coffee & More, 1 Women'secret)

28 Zako Franchise stores
5 Superhome Center (D.I.Y.) stores

7 Greece stand alone stores (Fashionlink S.A)

A brief history of Ermes Group can be seen below (for additional information see Brief History section):
1971 - F.W.Woolworth & Co (Cyprus) Ltd (Subsidiary of Woolworth PLC (UK))
1985 - Acquisition by Shacolas Group (No business or other relationship with Woolworth UK)
1987 - Introduction of Woolworth shares on Cyprus Stock Exchange
2003 - Separation of Operations - Woolworth (Cyprus) Properties Public Ltd (Commercial Property Development) and Εrmes Department Stores Public Ltd (Retail Operations)
2007 - Introduction of Ermes shares on Cyprus Stock Exchange