Social Contribution

As a member of the Social Contribution Committee of NKS Group, Ermes Group contributes to national, social, and charity causes. Every year significant funds are given to institutions, associations, charity organisations and individuals. The sponsorship of various public benefit events is another aspect of the Group’s social contribution. Amongst others, the Ermes Group organises an Annual Blood Drive held at the Group's Head Office.

Ledra Museum - Observatory
In addition to its successful commercial activities and rapid development, the Ermes Group, is making its presence felt in the cultural development of the island. The creation of the Ledra Museum-Observatory, in co-operation with the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, is one of the best examples of what Ermes offers to the community. Ledra Museum-Observatory combines a modern museum with an unhindered view of the entire city and can be found on the 11th floor of the Shacolas Tower. Equipped with telescopes, explanatory notices, a multilingual audio recorder history of Nicosia, photographs and descriptions, Ledra Museum-Observatory can guide you around the city and provide its history. Ledra Museum-Observatory is a unique experience and gives you the chance to see Nicosia as you have never seen it before.  Ledra Museum uses state of the art audiovisual equipment including touch screens which visitors are able to use to observe the historical monuments that are located in the occupied areas. In addition, a special screening room has be created to present the history of Nicosia in a variety of languages.

The museum opened in May 1998 concurrently with the operation of Debenhams Department Store Ledra (former Woolworth Ledra). The inauguration took place on the 6th July by former Mayor of Nicosia, Lellos Demitriades.

The purpose of the Museum-Observatory was as much cultural as it was commercial for the development of the Ledra-Onasagorou area. In addition, at that time, because of the limited access to our occupied land, the Museum-Observatory was the only means to view the entire old city in its entirety for both locals and foreign travellers. Also available is a visual-audio laser system which explains the history of Nicosia in various languages.

Since its opening in 1998, thousands of local and foreign visitors have visited the Museum-Observatory including foreign dignitaries who have visited Cyprus.

Ermes Group Annual Blood Drive
The Ermes Group every year is participating in an annual blood drive which is undertaken successfully at the head offices of ERMES Department Stores PLC. The blood drive is carried out in cooperation with the mobile blood bank unit of Nicosia General Hospital and the large turnout by Ermes Group employees is greatly appreciated.

Donation to Greece
On the 23rd May, 2012, The SHACOLAS Group donated €200,000 worth of food and clothing to the Ambassador of Greece Mr. Vasili Papaioannou and to the representative of the Archdiocese Archimandrite Ieronimos Pylioti, so it can be passed on to Greece. The group's executive Chairman, Nicos Shacolas said that €150,000 worth of new clothes would be sent to vulnerable sectors in Athens and Thessaloniki who are suffering. Furthermore, €50,000 will be used to purchase pasta and 350,000 ready meals.

Free Breakfast to Children

From 2013 until June 2015 we offer a daily breakfast to three thousand children with an annual cost of around € 1 million .